A champion ballroom dancer with an ego to match, abandons the dance floor and meets a computer game developer who steals his heart and inspires him to return to his one true passion.

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Plot Summary

Thomas Macrae, a champion dancer let's his ego get in the way of his profession discovers his past has caught up with him and nobody wants to deal with him. Kicked out of competitions he is forced to look for work outside of coaching and judging.

Unable to find work as an instructor and can't get work as a judge, Tom is hired at his father's video game company to snoop on a rival developer, and find out the secrets of their next big hit. While snooping around, Tom meets Heather, who is not just the chief designer, but is also a former dancer. Tom develops a plan to befriend Heather and take her as a student, to get closer to the company secrets.

As the interactions between Heather and Tom build, Tom explains that the trust developed through ballroom apply not only to dancing on the floor, but also to relationships off the floor. But Heather is a strong willed, intellectual woman that has a distaste for the idea that the man leads, while the woman follows. Tom shows Heather how following is a matter of trust, not obedience.

Heather convinces Tom to dance with her at a Blackpool even if they are a mismatched couple. Tom soon forgets the reason for his interaction with Heather was to snoop on her, and has to make a choice between his objectives, and the exact thing he has been teaching her - trust.

“Tony Stark”
“Dancing With The Stars”

A romantic comedy set in the beautiful and competitive world of ballroom dance.

Ballroom Dancing
packaged in a
Romantic Comedy

Elegant tuxedos and colorful ball gowns help demonstrate the commitment, dedication, and skill involved in top level ballroom dancing, formatted as an audience-friendly romantic comedy.

Product Placement
combined with
High Visibility

Product placement and brand sponsorship combined with the current popularity of dance on TV and movies make this genre of movie a solid investment.


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The Script

The script was developed after considerable consultation with dancers, choreographers, and judges, as well as multiple writers, producers, and distributors to create a product that is funny, interesting, and romantic, yet realistic and marketable.

The screenplay was designed with product placement opportunities, and broad appeal appeal across many demographics.



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